Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yesterday we engaged in more traditional tourism with a few of our cruising

Dawn and Laurie (Husband and wife, Laurie is the husband. Not only does he
have a gender bender name, but his sister is named Laurie too. It is better
not to explain) have taken us under their wing. They spent the last two
years cruising up and down island. They went all the way down to Venezuela
and left the boat, then came all the way back the next year. Now they are
taking the boat down south again and leaving it, so they can fly back and
fourth to visit it. They had a hell of a ride to Bermuda, enough to convince
Dawn that she is never doing it again.

We were talking to a gent at the chandlery, and he said we were the first
people he had spoken to this season that had a good ride over. I guess we
just don't know any better.

Anyway, we spent the day in their company seeing Hamilton and the Dockyard,
a post revolutionary war fort that was a mojor base for England to project
their sea power once they lost the colonies. We visited one of the pink sand
beaches, that was really scenic, with big rock outcroppings, reminiscent of
the baths on Virgin Gorda.

Lovely day. I would write more, but it is Dana's last day here, and the
reefs await us.

BTW - I found a hole with three big "bugs" in it(Spiny lobster to you). I am
ging back for one or tow of them later.