Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jack Sparrow arrives in Bermuda

Without so much as a thank you, Jack sparrow is gone.

We were in pretty heavy weather for the last 12 hours or so approaching
Bermuda, and I think Jack smelled land and set out on his own. We did not
see him go, but when the weather moderated and we got ourselves some food,
he was not there looking for a handout. We are pretty sure that he is
sitting at a bird bar impressing chicks (pun intended) with sea stories.

As for us, we spent much of the day recovering and catching up on sleep. I
don't have much to do in terms of fixing the boat, as most of our fixes at
sea are sufficient to be more or less permanent.

We have a space right at the town landing, but will move to a mooring
tonight to weather the gale that is coming through.

Bermuda is beautiful but pricey. We have the advantage of Uptown, a
gentleman in his 50s who took a liking to us and decided to show us around.
He took us to a club that he described as a "black establishment" but
assured us that we would be welcome, and we were. I think we are going back

People here are very much into Obama, except for Uptown. There are a lot of
shirts with Obama and his family on them. They have a more personal, less
political look to them, like you might see the image of Che, or perhaps an
African leader. It is interesting to see a British colony have such an
interest in an American election.

I have some boat stuff to attend to; more later.