Saturday, November 8, 2008

I want to be a Canadian

My fascination with Canadians and Canadian culture continues unabated.
Canadians have a certain joie du vive that resonates strongly with me.

This trip has re-enforced that fascination. I think that you can arrive in
any cruising destination anywhere in the world and you will find:
1) few Americans on large, well equipped boats working on their systems and
struggling to get parts
2) a French sailor or two on an aluminum or steel boat equipped for Cape
horn, and itching to get back to sea
3) A German couple that keep pretty much to themselves on their Hans
Christian or Bavaria
4) a half dozen Canadians, some of them crossing oceans on spartan 28 ft
boats, partying like mad.

Mind you, I have no basis for this observation other than the cruising logs
of others and one port, but it is an image I enjoy.

So, even though the Bush administration is soon to be over and American
stature abroad has a chance to recover, I think I will go over to the two
boats out of Nova Scotia and ask them for Canadian lessons later this

BTW - Uptown went missing for a few days, but came by last night; He offered
to take us sailing on his classic yacht and I think we will accept. I
attached a picture.