Thursday, November 27, 2008

Angulla Beaches; St Martin; Nudity and more Nudity

We took our new friends, Russ and Layla (sp?) sailing around Anguilla. We arranged to take them around to the southern side of Anguilla and drop them off there on the way to St Martin.

There are so many things that could go wrong with this kind of plan that I cannot name them all, but a few include seasickness of the guests, now way to get them ashore, inclement weather, equipment failure, lack of cabs on the beach to get them home, and having to sail back around the island to get them to the starting point. None of these things happened, and we had a
lovely sail to a pristine beach that we shared with only one couple.

Anguilla has a daily fee for anchoring in their waters, so I will not be spending much time there, but I have to admit, Conde Nast may be right when they declared it the finest beach in the world. The sand feels like talcum powder under your feet. It is so fine, it is not all that objectionable when it invariably boards your vessel and takes up residence in your bunk. That
is pretty fine sand.

After goodbyes and exchange of digital pictures, we set off to St Martin, a whopping 40 minute sail. Considering that our previous sail was about 8640 minutes, it went by quickly.

St Martin is a whole different place. A fair number of Mega-yachts, but a lot of cruisers too. We made friends with a German couple and their traveling companion, Ursula and Michael, and Bernard. It happened when Jack lost his grip on the Quarenteen flag and it flew away. You are required to fly the quarenteen flag until you clear customs and immigration, and assure
the island population that your crew does not carry cholera or the plague. (No kidding). We went to the next boat to borrow one, "et voila", new friends to show us the ropes.

The next day we were motoroing past and waved enthusiastically. There may have been a short pause in the waving when we realized that they were buck naked. We quickly regained our composure and went on waving. (We probably overcompensated and waved too long)

Well this note has gone on too long, so I will save the rest of the nudity for later. For now I will only say that Bob got a bit of sex education that was probably not all that informative, but I think pleasurable for him.

They were very helpful and told us how to check in if we found the police de la frontier were absent from their station.