Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nervous anticipation

Tomorrow's forcast is for storm conditions, with winds in the 30s and gusts to the 50s. No weather for old men, and yet...

My new 6 M kite is in the foyer, and my new board is ready to rock. We are planning a dawn patrol to our favorite wave spot,  Horseneck Beach. I hope to then travel to one of the better slicks, Pleasure Bay for an afternoon delight. 

The nerves stem from the strength of the gusts and tbe new equipment.  Each one is a strike. You see, I have a three strike policy.  Three strikes and I don't go.  Doubt about a piece of gear is a strike.  Cold water is a strike.  Offshore breeze is two strikes.

Tomorrow I have two strikes, new equipment and strong gusts,  so I am a little nervous.  A 6M kite is soooo small, and so fast. To give you an idea,  I sometimes ride a 17 on summer days.