Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fresh Horses; Scoooooore!

The new crew arrived over the last two days (see pictures) and I have done
my best to introduce them to the boat and to Bermuda.

We started with the sailorly arts, doing some sail repair (see picture),
replacing the masthead tricolor that failed, fetching water, emptying the
holding tank, charging batteries, and scrubbing decks.

But the new crew got a small taste of Bermuda last night, in spite of some
uf us being pretty tired. As it happens, last night was the final game of
the 21st World Rugby Classic Bermuda! We estimated that about 5% of the
island population turned out for the game and the subsequent party, which on
prior nights had gone on until 3:00 AM. We didn't stay that long. But it was
fun to uncomprhendingly watch the game, and even more fun to watch the crowd
cheer for the Lions (a collection of British, Irish and Welsh players) and
jeer the Legends (South Africa) and their fans. Jack sized up the situation
for a minute and declared that we should root for the team with the numerous
and big fans. Lions it was.

Later we went on a mission to find the Bermuda Musical Directors Society, a
private bar to which I had been invited. We found it after a fair bit of
walking, but it was quite closed, and had no signes of ever having been
open. I guess they just could not compete with the rugby classic.

I have to go now, and feed Martin before he gets cranky.