Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting ready for the owner

An easy day here in Bermuda. I had to have a little bracket made to support
the GPS, and set out on foot to find a fabricator. The first guy said he
could do it, but it would be about $150 for a piece of sheet stock with one
bend and on hole. I appreciate that a fella has to make a living, but I
don't think so. He was kind enough to direct me to the sheet metal supply
place. They quoted me $96. No.

Then I went next door to the run down marina, stopped in the little diesel
shop and the nice man there said, "look through that pile der... I had to
insist on paying him with a 6 pack for $13. that's more like it.

Later, I met Zena (real name) AKA Queen at the Laundromat. (everybody has a
nickname here - I am going with Cpt Walnut, even though Queen says that
Walnuts hep ya sleep.) I told Queen about my new good friend at the run down
boatyard and she said: "he is my..." and paused to search for the word.
"Friend with benefits? I asked. "yeah, you could call it dat" she said withy
a sheepish smile.

I have to go prep the boat for the owner (Dana), who arrives today. I have
cleaned the decks, fixed a leak that formed during the transit, dried out
what was wet, wiped down all the walls and floor, made the bed, bought
chocolates for the pillow, and need to go get fresh flowers.

The gales have passed, and the weather looks good for Dana's entire visit.

Watching Hurricane Paloma with keen interest.