Thursday, November 6, 2008

Instructions for listening in to Southbound 2 weather routing on internet

A number of people have expressed interest in hearing us get our weather
reports from Southbound Herb. We do this over the SSB radio, you can listen
over the internet.

Some clever ham has rigged his SSB receiver to his internet server: If you go to this page
and follow the link to "use the Icom IC R75 receiver", then go to the bottom
of the page and tune the receiver to 12359 khz, Mode: upper side band, then
click "send frequency change" you will begin to receive an audio stream of
our comms with Herb.

This is done at 2000 UTC, which I believe is 3:00 EST. (It used to be 4:00
EST, but then you fell back one hour for daylights savings time).