Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some photos from the trip

Here are a few photos from the trip:

Img 003 Dana laying in the provisions for the both passages - what a great
job she did. She even did an inventory with a location key so we could find
things; boats have a lot of hiding places.

Img 004 Walter listening in to southbound herb

Img 008 A typical view out of the window, a lot of water and a little sky

Img 007 Bruce on watch. Notice that the locker behind him is open and tools
spread out over him. This picture was probably taken during an "all hands on
deck" emergency. Note the peaceful expression on his face.

Img 011 Paul, on Bruce's watch (just kidding)

Img 018 Alan in the galley, waiting to raid the fridge unobserved

Img 027 Nice butt! Fixing the radar.

Img 043 Paul getting ready to put an end to Jack. Fortunately for Jack, Paul
is afraid of raw poultry, a fear that extends to sparrows.

Img 048 Shirtsleeve weather

Img 079 The swimming hole

Img 110 The Royal Bermuda Yacht club. They will let anybody into that dump.