Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another successful bonfire

For those of you who have sent me email in the last few days, I am not able
to receive for some reason, only send. I expect that this will be remedied
when I next go somewhere with a hot spot.

Dana and I organized a gathering of cruisers on a local beach for a bonfire
last night, and it was a pretty spectacular success, if I do say so myself.
Jerry, Carol, Simon and John from Meri Balette, Mario and Lillian from the
Maltese Falcon (not the big one, but a smaller Maltese falcon), Guy and
Sylvie (Who spoke only French) from a charter boat, Mel and Phil, and Beth
and Evans, (who are quite famous among cruisers) were there. I think there
was at least one other couple there.

There was a lot of cruising experience, including a circumnavigator and a
three transatlantic teams there.

Dana and I went around in the morning, and invited people, and called the
Maltese falcon in the next harbor to have them extend the invitation to
those anchored there.

Around noon we went out to collect firewood from the opposite shore. The
area around the fire pit was, no surprise, picked clean. We had to go pretty
far afield. When we came back with the dinghy loaded to the gills with
driftwood of all description, and the two of us wearing goofy sun hats, I am
sure it was a pretty comical sight. I wish we had taken a photo.

We planned on a little cocktail hour starting at local sunset (six) , with
everyone returning to their boats for their dinners; but there were enough
appetizers that most stayed until at least eight, and some stayed until
about 10. The sky was clear and bright, the breeze was light but steady, and
the temp was perfect. The biting insects honored the treaty I forged with
them, and stayed home this evening.

Wish you could have all joined us.