Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boosting Large

Dudes, nuclear winds, and I am boosting large. I was skating the choptop,
sent the kite back hard, carved up and popped off of kicker into zero
gravity. Land it, Bottom turn, toeside, carve and back across the bay, and
all right in front of the Bettys.

I am pretty sure that I saw your house from up there.

Oh...sorry...I think I was channeling Spicolli from fast times for a second
there. But I will go on to say that I am starting to like kiting in the
third dimension. Jumping can be very quiet and smooth when you start to get
it down. I don't really jump that high, but one of the newbies said I was
jumping about 7 feet.

It is a very good group here, and I am heading out to join them on the