Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Financial setback; progress toward Georgetown

Ted, TJ and I had a great day yesterday with one exception.

The day started with clearing out of the Turks and Caicos for Mayaguana
Bahamas. We were planning on a sail over to the west end of Provo to stage
for a sail starting at midnight for Mayaguana. As things happened, we were
invited by the crew of "Looking for Elvis" to some wakeboarding and skurfing
(skiing on a surfboard). We had a nice time of it, and learned a few tricks,
especially how to do a standing start on the surfboard.

By the time the fun was over, we headed out to the West end of the island;
We hauled TJ up the rig for a better view of the water and he spotted the
coral heads for us. He also sighted large starfish on the bottom, some
larger fish, and a good sized shark. When we got to our staging site, we did
some snorkeling on a great reef. We encountered a VERY big lobster who did
not appear to be at all intimidated by us

We also had a very good dinner in calm conditions before we decided to get

That is when we encountered our setback. When pulling the anchor up, it
fouled on rock. I decided to motor over it to free it. We freed it alright,
by breaking it. There goes a 45 lb stainless CQR, which retails for about
$1000. I hope I can buy just the part that broke, and expect that I can do
better than retail, or buy a lesser anchor, but still, that was a major

Right now we are 2 miles off the coast of Mayaguana. It is about 6:00, and
we sailed over night on calm seas. It made for easy sleeping off watch. We
are making only about 5 knots, but we could do it for says without getting
fatigued. I think we may skip Mayaguana since we do not have good light for
spotting coral heads; we may go on to the Plana Cays.