Monday, March 9, 2009

Heineken Regatta

Well the results are in and the final scores tabulated, and the winner of
the big prize of the Heineken Regatta is: Lost Horizons.

Lost Horizons happens to be the boat that Dave and Kristen from Sayonara
were crewing for, so I got to watch them go up on stage and receive their
trophy. They deserved it, they were battered and bruised like you would not
believe; their boat broached 3 times which means that it essentially turned
on its beam ends {which means that it's mast was parallel to the water}].
They told me today that the boat was broached when the spinnaker blew, and
they were all glad it did since it was dragging them slowly onto a rocky
shore, and now one was able to get to the spin halyard to release it.

Our boat did not fare as well in the standings, but we did not get very beat
up, and we had a good time.

BTW - If things go well, I will crew for Lost Horizons in Culebra.