Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Transit

I am on my way to St Maartin from Antigua. This is my first overnight single
handed trip. It is about 100 miles. Complicating things a little further,
this is the first time I am traveling with the dinghy on the davits.
Everything seems to be going fine so far.

I could not have asked for a better forecast for such a trip, the winds are
very light, the moon is half and will probably light the sky until nearly
pre-dawn light. I started out about 1130. I would have gone sooner but for
the checking out, provisioning, and sweating the dinghy down.

I also had to go shopping. The nice little kitchen timer that Martin got me
gave up the ghost. I must have left it out unprotected in the salt one too
many times. It is a key piece of equipment, since it lets you relax between
scanning the horizon without worrying about loosing track of time. You can
get in ten minute cat naps. I bought two replacements to be sure.

I should get in sometime in the morning. I started out fast with 7 kt speeds
on the genny alone, but the wind has died down, and I have been content to
loaf along at 4-5 kts and do some reading. I have not put up the main sail,
and would rather not when alone. I will motor if the wind dies any more.

From there, I will head into the BVIs and on to Puerto Rico. I am shooting
to be in San Juan By the 13th. I hope to leave there for the Turks And
Caicos around the 23rd or 24th, weather permitting.