Monday, February 23, 2009


Today was another good kiting day, and I am starting to get the hang of
kiting in the third dimension.

I am doing little 4 foot certical jumps and landing most of them. On the
others I don't crash, but just settle in and have to re-start.

I also discovered that my ribs are hurting after kiting from more than the
strain, my harness its them sometimes. I borrowed a seat harness from Irena
and it is MUCH more confortable. I think I will buy it from them tomorrow.

I am having dinner with a cruising couple tonight that took the plunge. They
are on an open ended trip; they rented their house and put their most
precious belongings into storage. I think they are under a lot of pressure
right now - pressure to be having a good time all of the time. It is not
like that.

That isn't happening for them. I think the boat is getting a little small
for the two of them. I feel good that I have added some needed enthusiasm
and exposure to a different crowd on the kite beach to their mix.