Sunday, March 29, 2009

Turks and Caicos

We are in Provo Turks and Caicos. Great passage here, with average speed of
7.3 kts over 400 miles! In addition to the Dorado, we caught a barracuda
that we filleted and ate.

Dana is here, and she took a room in a resort for a day, so the whole crew
could go over for showers and hanging by the pool for a day. We liked it so
much, we did the same thing the next day, even though we did not have a room
anymore. We decided that the only thing that would make our bad behavior
even more enjoyable would be to bring a complaint or suggestion for
improvement to the management, even though we were not guests. In the end,
we decided to pass on this rum punch fueled idea. We also refrained from
using more than one towel by the pool, as the sign suggested, so we very
model of restraint.

But our restraint only went so far, TJ climbed a coconut tree and pulled
down three coconuts. That was after TJ had his first legal drink at the bar;
the drinking age here is 18. By the end of the evening, he had decided that
he should become a bartender, and took up that duty on Madness.

TJ served rum and cokes last night before we enjoyed surf and turf with the
captain and mate of the sailing vessel "Looking for Elvis". We ate the
steaks that Ted brought and the last of the Dorado (AKA Mahi Mahi) we
caught. Time to go fishing again. Cuban cigars were enjoyed by some and
tolerated by others after dinner.

We rented a seven passenger vehicle to explore the island a little bit, and
it was a very good idea. We could have moved the boat around, but it was 30
miles, and Bruce and Dana's time is limited. Snorkeling was good here in the
T&C, but with a strong current. Luckily, it was running parallel to shore,
so we did drift dives.

I have some boat maintenance to do, my nav lights failed, and an alternator
bracket broke but still does the job, but I don't trust it.

We are out here looking for Elvis...


BTW - I came across a boat named "Fine Line", I immediately set about
looking for a boat named "Genius", so that we could raft up with "Fine Line"
in the middle. I could not find a boat by that name, but I did find
"Brilliant", but I don't think that warranted the effort.