Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks a lot

When kiting on the downwinder, I was able to kite over to the gunkhole where
the boat was and visit Dave and Kristen on Sayonara. Before I got over to
their boat, they were on their way out on their dinghy to greet me; Kristen
had her big camera in hand and was snapping away.

She is a very good photographer, so I started to ham it up a bit, even
though it was the end of the day, and I was physically exhausted. As I
approached their dinghy from upwind, I went toeside and when directly upwind
from them, threw the kite back and carved a nice turn back to heelside.

I judged it pretty well, and came to about 8 feet from their dinghy, which
is what I sought, but once I got there, I thought "this is too close" and
hardened up my turn.

As soon as I did that I sent up a rooster tail of spray, and sprayed them
both...including Kristen and her camera. I am fond of saying that no good
deed goes unpunished.

Sorry about that Dave and Kristen...

They are off to the Caribbean 600 race, where Dave has a tentative ride, and
then the the Heineken Regatta in St Marten. I will join them there, where I
too have a ride on a race participant.