Monday, February 9, 2009

Falmouth Harbor Antigua

I moved over to Falmouth Harbor, near Nelson's Dockyard on Antigua. I hope
to move over to Green Island on Nonsuch Harbor (still Antigua) tomorrow and
maybe get in a kiting session there. I ran into Damien and Deborah of
"Ticket to Ride" in the local pub. The harbor looks very clean and nice, a
lot like St Barth's but with somewhat lower prices. The Maltese Falcon is
here, along with many other really outlandishly expensive yachts.

I spent most of this morning trying to plan the return trip; Things seem to
be falling together pretty well. Paul, Bruce and Martin are all available
for some portion of the trip, and one segment lines up with Bob's Spring
break, should he want ot repeat the experience. Also, the timing is good for
cruising with Dave and Kristin for a while, and also for arriving in North
Carolina just in time to meet a bunch of Boston kiters on their outer banks

I have my fingers crossed.