Sunday, February 1, 2009

You may be out of touch with reality when...

You may be out of touch with reality when you call your wife in Boston on
Feb 1st and misinterpret things in the folowing way?

"Hi, where are you?"

"I am at home, how about you?

"I am still in Nevis, but heading to Montserrat tomorrow. I called the home
phone first, why didn't you answer that phone?"

"I was chipping ice"

I looked at my watch and wondered why she was drinking frozen drinks so
early in the day on a Sunday, presumably alone.


"It is a little warmer today, and I wanted to chip the ice off of the
driveway while the sun is shining"

I think I may be a little out of touch with the realities of winter. I will
be aiming the pointy end of the boat north soon.