Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Challenges single handing

Ken and Leann have left for Vermont after three very nice weeks here on the
boat. I will miss their company. It was very nice to have company for
conversation and exploration, plus coffee in bed each morning courtesy of
Ken, many meals prepared by Leann, and entertainment in the evening as Ken
played his ukulele.

Yesterday I did a single handed passage to Montseratt. It was not wihtout
challenges. The winds were on the nose as I left Nevis so I could only make
3-4 kts motoring. Then I had a front come through while under sail with 25+
kt winds that pretty much knocked me over to ~45 degrees. Then the raw water
pump on the main engine failed, then the sump pump failed. Oy.

But I was able to get here OK without making any compromises in safety. I
was able to get the main engine running again by running water from the
washdown pump through the cooling system. Pretty clever, eh?

It would have been easy to sail onto the anchor anyway, because I have
practiced that in the past.

I know I wasn't completely whipped, because as I approached Montseratt, I
saw some wahoo feeding and turned the boat around to try to catch one under
sail. If I had arrived with a fat fish and a broken moter, I might have
elevated my status in the cruising community.