Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watching for the "window"; Great crew

Bruce arrived Saturday to prepare for the trip. Alan and Paul car pooled down from Canada and Rochester NY.

We spent the last two days working hard to complete the list of required upgrades, along with some general preparations that I had not completed, and some cleanup. These are some fun guys, and I am lucky to have such a knowledgeable and interesting crew. Alan says he is going to teach us all celestial navigation before we get to Bermuda. Cool.

Dana cooked us all a nice dinner on Sat night, and Ted, Nina, Greg, Bob and Sherry all came over to see us before we left.

Now we are waiting for weather. looked pretty good to us, with strong winds (20-25kts) behind the beam. Southbound Herb, (a Canadian retiree who has made a hobby of giving weather and routing advise to sailors for the last 25 years) says sit tight, wait until about Weds for a window. We are tempted to go, but Herb says we could hit Gale force winds, possibly even weak storm force winds before we reached the stream. So we sit tight.
It gives us time to add padeyes to the coach roof for fastening down the RIB dinghy.

It is all coming together pretty well. Martin sent the procedures all laminated and ready for duty, as well as the prescription drugs for seasickness or emergency care. The provisions are all loaded, the administrative items regarding Bermudan Customs and Immigration are taken
care of. The Engel compressor cooler arrived a couple of days ago, and while it seems to work well, it is quite noisy. I think I may sell it when I get down there. Also the solar panels have arrived. I would have liked to have mounted them here in the New Bedford area, but there are fabricators down south too.

We are all hoping to get out there soon. There are good strong winds favorable to our direction, and we hope not to miss them. More later