Saturday, October 25, 2008


The insurance underwriters accepted my timeline for improvements. Long story short, we get to go.

We still have a lot to do on the boat that was not in the original plan, and this has really set me back on loading and stowing provisions. I have not come up with a way to mount the solar panels, so they may go as cargo, and I have not installed padeyes for the RIB dinghy,so it may stay behind. I have installed the davits, and I have a high quality inflatable foor dinghy to take. It stows more easily.

The weather is looking very cooperative for a Monday or Tuesday departure. If anyone in interested, take a look at . Look at the Newport to Bermuda weather charts. We are going to have a weak storm here, maybe 45 Kts, on Sunday. Once that clears through, the winds go West-North-West for days on end, with wind speeds from 10 to as much as 35 kts, but all behind the beam. Yeah!

Dana loaded the non-perishable provisions weeks ago. She is here and is loading the perishables this weekend. She be a fine wench, and saucy too. The crew, they be comin' to quay early to prepare the good ship, fine lads. Wow, pirate Tourette's; I did not expect that to set in for days. Arrghh.

Now I have to recover from this cold I have managed to catch. I think I can be ready for Monday.