Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crew from Rochester NY?

I noticed a member of your crew came from Rochester NY (a subset of "Alan and Paul").
I have been going to Rochester once or twice a month, usually with two nights stays, as co-pilot of N901CD (a Saber-65).  Since the 1380 mile "passage" only takes 2.5 hours, we spend much of the layover time looking for good placed to eat (unlimited vittles is a perk of the job).  If Alan or Paul has any recommendations on good restaurants or places of interest near Rochester, I would be happy to hear them.
We stay in Henrietta NY, and have eaten at Bazil's, Scotch'n Sirloin, Sticky Lips to name a few.  I also rented a 10-speed at Pedallers Bike Shop a couple months ago and had a nice ride down to Avon NY and back.  It was interesting to ride some hills, a new experience for this Florida flatlander.
Hope your weather window opens up soon.