Sunday, January 27, 2008

News Flash: Spare Engine

I will be sending a more organized description of the trip preparation and discussion points, but for the moment, this news flash –

Last night I secured a spare engine for Madness.

For the offshore team, this means a source of spare parts to bring. This will make offshore travel safer by helping to ensure the time at sea is not extended unduly, or that we run out of power for lights, radar, autopilot, fridge etc.

For the extended stay crew, it is insurance against wasting our valuable time in the tropics trying to find parts or repower should the existing engine fail.

More later


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Seawater said...

The engine has been picked up, and will soon be delivered to Fred Ecker's place in Fredrickburg Va.

Many thanks to Joe (MF) Akin for delivering the engine!

And Many thanks to Fred for storing it in his warehouse until we figure out what to do with it.

Right now the plan is to get it either to John Birk's place in DC, or up to my house in Boston.

That way I can partially disassemble it for spares to bring with us, and have it in a place where additional parts can be removed and sent as needed. (I don't want to carry a spare head, but I do want to have one abailable.)