Monday, January 28, 2008

Event - Jan 31st 2008 Offshore Weather

Bruce and Karl coming to walter's to discuss Laptop requirements, electronic charts, weather products, and Laptop GPS.

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Seawater said...

Thanks for coming by - good discussion. I think Bruce and karl were impressed that November is a lot closer than it would initially appear, and there is a lot to do before then.

We talked mainly about the route and the weather products. Bruce and Karl prefer the Bermuda route, as that would allow them to do one leg or the other, and each leg is shorter...vacation time is an issue.

Bruce is going to take lead on weather; I will create a section of the blog for him to record the logic and share the info and build concensus conclusions with the team.

Karl is off to read up on the cruisers forums and get up to speed on the terminology.

We did not talk about choosing a laptop for the boat, I am hoping that Karl may take lead on that. We will need to develop a list of requirements for the laptop for him to meet.