Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Offshore Team Update

First of all, introductions of those who have expressed interest in the offshore passage so far:

Soon-to-be-USCG Captain Walter Piescik. Late 40s, but still immature. In and
around boats since I was 8 years old, I started sailing my own keel boats
about 12 years ago, first a Pearson 30 and now Madness the Pearson 424. Only
three overnight sails to my name. I talk too much.

Ken Emory. Late 50s, but still young. I know Ken from Kiteboarding and a
weekend sailing Madness on Buzzard's Bay. We haven't known each other that
long, but I am hoping that Ken will crew for an extended time. Ken is
retired and lives near Grand Isle on Lake Champlain. He used to own a Contessa (26?) sailboat, and has some sailing experience. He is a cool dude. Ken, please send me Kris’ email, hotmail is not working.

Kris Emory. I am guessing 30s. Ken's Son. We haven't met yet. I know of
Kris' interest through Ken. As I recall, he is a nurse or PA (I get stories
of Ken's sons confused, as I have not met either yet) Both of Ken's sons are
always up for adventures; both kite, one has sailed Cape Horn and one
jumps his kite to the lower stratosphere.

Martin Sinozich. Mid 40s, but he has always been pretty mature. Martin and I
have been good friends since college. He used to be a type "A" plus, but he
is mellower now. He lives in Greensboro NC, where he owns a couple of
health clubs. I think Martin's sailing resume is mostly trips on Madness. He
is an Ops guy, which I intend to use to our advantage. Martin, please send me Noel’s email address.

Noel Sinozich. Mid teens. Noel has had a few sailing experiences on Madness,
including a pretty good blow. He is smart and funny and keeps good company
with adults. He is very popular with young ladies; I wish we had a use for

Jack. We have never met. Jack is Martin's Landlord for one of the clubs. I
think Jack has some offshore experience, but I am not sure. Jack is building
a place in the US Virgins, which could influence our chosen landfall.

USCG Captain Walter Sidor. Late 50s. Walter is my cousin's husband. He is a
lifelong offshore sailor, love boats, and can walk the docks looking and talking about boats till you cry. Walter has sailed on Madness, and helped me deliver my old boat Miss Adventure to New England from the Cheasapeake. Walter looks most comfortable wedged in a corner of a cockpit in rain and spray, shelling and eating peanuts. He leaves a trail of shells so we can find our way back.

Bruce Fortier. Canadian. Need I say more?

Karl Bardel. 40s. We don't really need to go to the islands if we have Karl
along. Karl brings the islands to us. He is the original low-stress guy. His cooking was not half bad either.

Bruce and Karl crewed on the trip to Maine last year, they kept watch so I
could get some sleep in. Very little real sailing experience, but they have
done an overnight in calm conditions. I know them both from Fidelity.

There almost certainly be others. Madness has room for 6 at the most, so if there are more interested by this spring, I will have to select the crew and hope the others will act as alternates.

All together, we have what it takes to have a successful and safe offshore passage. I found a FAQ on the Caribbean 1500 site that speaks to the desirable qualifications:

If you are interested in reading more, take a look at or
c24b5& . They are forums for cruisers and offshore sailors that I have joined and have been using to vet ideas. You can submit questions and start threads as a non-paying member if you wish.

Also, I have started to ask questions on the route, and whether it is worth the extra ~500 miles it takes to go via the Outer Banks instead of just going straight via Bermuda. I will include the the next Blog entry.

Please share thoughts and comments with the whole group as much as practical; it should be a good way of getting to know each other.


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