Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We are rid of him for now.

We are rid of him for now.

It was a long time coming, but after two days of servitude under Capt
Walnut, we couldn't take it anymore. He had us doing things like cooking,
washing dishes, hoisting the anchor, dropping the anchor, hoisting the
anchor again, coiling ropes in figure eight patterns, carrying water tanks,
pulling on ropes, mopping the deck, pumping waste, and the list goes on and

The 5 of us decided that the best way to enjoy our visit was to not visit at
all. We have forced Capt Walnut into the forward cabin, and provided him
with a gallon of water and a stale loaf of Bahama bread. We figure that
will provide sustenance for the remainder of our trip. In the mean time, it
is one big party out here in the main cabin. We are eating all the steaks
and fresh vegetables, listening to Reggie music, and just plain leaving a
mess in the galley (and everywhere else for that matter).

Walter is banging on the door, but the thumping goes surprisingly well with
the Reggie music, so it really doesn't bother us. The mutiny party will go
on until we have to leave tomorrow. We are hoping that it won't be too long
after we are gone that Walt figures out there is no lock on the door, but
just incase, we will watch for how long it takes for his next email.

Back to the party,
Ray, Pete, Nat, Kimmie and Anna