Monday, April 6, 2009

Things just work out sometimes.

The other night we asked a local where the party was, and he told us that we
should go to Emerald Cove and go to the staff party. He said that everyone
was going, locals and tourists, and the drinks would be free, because it was
a big celebration following the fundraiser for the family regatta.

"Just go a few miles up the road on the left".

We walked about 2 miles before we caught our first ride in the back of a
pick 'em up truck. He took us a few miles before he had gone as far as he
was going, and dropped us off.

We walked another mile or so before we caught our second ride, who said
"that is way up there, maybe another 12 miles, and further than I was going,
but I will take you there"

We rode another 15 minutes or so, wondering how we would get back, and what
the cab fare would be if we could find a cab.

When we arrived, we saw that Emerald cove is a Four Seasons hotel, and as we
walked up the manicured boulevard that led to the lobby, we began to
realize that we had been had...there was not going to be a party here with
free drinks for everyone.

But things worked out great. As we approached the bar out by the water, a
woman demanded "what are you guys smiling about?". She insisted that we all
looked like we were cats that had just swallowed canaries. Before you knew
it, we had joined her, her son, and his friends that were here on a Biotech
conference for the week.

We went off to the fish fry with this well heeled group, who were at first
put off by the rough and tumble nature of the place, but it turned out to be
a great evening.

One of the highlights for me was finding out that we never should have
pulled that first Mahi Mahi into the boat. A local named Dwight who seemed
to own a couple of restaurants, told me that if you leave the first Mahi in
the water on the hook, all of his/her friends will frenzy around the boat,
trying to steal whatever the first is eating. "If there are twelve, you will
catch all twelve". All you have to do is have some other lines ready, and
even if you put bare hooks in the water, they will bite; but he prefers to
put a small piece of rag on the other hooks to tempt them that much more.

Next time, we are getting more than one Mahi...

We got a free ride back to the harbor with the conventioneers, and had a
very enjoyable night.

By the time the evening was over, we forgot that we had been duped.