Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting back into the US

For some purposely obscure reason (namely, another tax) private boaters
making calls in foreign ports must purchase a decal in order to return.

This decal is not spoken of in the brochure "What you need to know before
you leave" by the cbp, so I did not get one. It is purchased online, and no
inspection is done, just a few forms to fill out... In other words, there is
no value added; but not having it looks like it may prove to be a hassle
when I return.

I guess I just have to keep cruising indefinitely...

The cruisers here in Georgetown are very social. Yesterday I went to Yoga in
the morning, bread baking class in the afternoon, and today we had sunfish
races (I won the individual race). It is a fun little ad hoc community.
Every morning the radio cackles to life with news of the days events,
commercial business offerings, and of course, news of Reggie the rat.