Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hanging out in Georgetown

I have to confess I am bored. I took the time to clean the boat, scrub the
bottom, do some varnish, but I am ready to go.

Many people spend their whole winter here in Georgetown. There is a lot of
things to do. I have been to a bread baking class, a fishing gam session,
and I go to yoga in the mornings. Last night was Karaoke night at St Francis
(a restaurant and bar).

There has not been much wind here, but it is supposed to be around 19 knots
in the morning, so I should be able to get some kiting in.

Paul and Joanne arrive tomorrow, and may stay with me until my return to
Padanaram. I am looking forward to having them here, they are very upbeat
and a lot of fun. We may stay another day or two to let them check out

I attached a pair of pictures of our last Mahi Mahi. It is a very strange
thing to watch them loose their color; it happens all at once shortly after
their death throws. The time from the fish being colorful and green to the
ghostly white is the space of about 10 seconds.