Monday, December 8, 2008

Madness turns to piracy- Now we have three dinghys, and a slave!

We were on our way back from Tintamar, when we encountered a mariner in distress in a large dingy. We approached under the guise of being helpful. As we approached I yelled "jew na parlay paw Fransay, parlay vew Anglay?"

"On Pew"

I turned to first officer Dornbusch and said "what?", to which she replied "I don't know, but he did not say yes". She cleverly yelled to him in English "Do you submit to our command and surrender your vessel to us?" while gesticulating in such a way as to make him think we were offering him a tow to shore.


Score! Madness has a great dinghy now (it is called "Method", so that we can claim that there is a method to our Madness). We didn't really need this booty, but his dinghy was very large and
had a 30 HP motor that might simply be out of gas. Plus it had a manservant!
(See picture)

It turns out that this kind of deception is not strictly legal, so we had to let him go; But not before we forced him to scrub the topsides and fetch us water from shore. I am happy to be rid of him since Dana seemed to be overly appreciative of his trim physique, anyway.