Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Better now than this morning

Today was a day of transitions. You know - hockey stop, toeside carve, pop

I put in two long sessions and absolutely hammered my legs again. I think
they will recover enough so that I can go out again and progress some more
tomorrow. I came off of the water pumped after the first session knowing
that it was, without a doubt, the best kiting I have done. I almost wanted
another scar to commemorate the event.

I have a scar on my left shin that reminds me of the first day I managed to
return to the spot I left from. When you first start, you tend to get pushed
downwind, and have to do the walk of shame to return to your stuff on the
beach. On this particular day, I got a small gash on my left shin in some
kind of fall, but pressed on because I knew I could make it back. Whenever I
notice it I smile; like a tatoo, a permanent reminder of a temporary

Today I recounted that story to new acquaintences. They are the captain and
crew of a Swan 60-something foot long sailboat, and kiters all. I told the
captian that I was glad for the scar; that if it had been an option on the
customer satisfaction survey after the ride: "Scar/No Scar" I would have
selected "Scar". I am hoping that a relationship develops with this crew, it
would be nice to have some conversations with folks for whom English is

Speaking of getting maimed, I had near misses with two sea turtles today. I
am ripping along with marginal control when up pops the head of a sea
turtle. He/she was about two feet across the back. I don't think this is how
it is supposed to happen. I think the encounter with a sea turtle is
supposed to be peaceful and serene. Well, the turtle chose the "No Scar"
option and dove immediately, so I did not have to try my first intentional

Tomorrow I try my first intentional jump. Not today.