Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emily, Achilles, and Stan; Mele; Gabriel and Matthew

Here are some pictures of my new friends in St Martin. You will see pictures of Stan, Achilles and Emily of Zen It restaurant, as well as a picture of the view from my private table.

Also attached are a cople of snapshots that include Gabriel and Matthew, local (awesome)kiters who are arguably the most attractive men that I haveever met in person. They really are very welcoming, and quick to share their knowledge. One is a dentist and the other is an engineer; both live here full time. I think I get some cool factor by association. I mentioned having met them to Emily who said that they are "too much knowing how good looking they are". It is a small island.

Kiting with them was great, but the wind is dying and not likely to come back until after the weekend. I am carving turns much moree fluidly now, and have been practicing line tension jumps. These result in 3-4 feet of air, not the 20 feet that you may have seen at the beach. I am also getting much better in the breaking surf right at the sand.

I don't have a picture of Mele, who I met on the bus this evening. Born in Morocco, he lived in Paris, Florida, Atlanta and a few other places. He has been in St Martin for about 3 months. He is here trying to forget his old life and ex wife. In the time it took to ride from Marigot to Grand Case, he told me about the nasty separation and his experience with the US legal system. He told me that his wife had a prior hitory of domestic violence and when whe went after him, the system was biased enough that he was the one who had to leave his home and child. He says he is quite content to be here without real estate or car working as a butler in a very fancy villa because he is beyond the reach of his ex wife and the legal system. I imagine that there are plenty of people her running away from something.