Monday, December 1, 2008

Kiting St Martin

Managed to get in three sessions yesterday at Orient Beach in about 15 kts - which is just enough to kite. Today through Weds is supposed to be 18-20, which for me is ideal. The local kiters are very cool about visitors, even those like me with limited skills. Some of the kiters are awesome jumpers in light air, with great acrobatics. I hope to get some pointers over time.

I just spent most of this morning planning the next few weeks and coordinating with those coming to visit, so I am anxious to get kiting again.

Last night I went to hear live music at Calmos Café and ran into the crew from Krill, the Belgian, German, French boat I first made contact with here. I had a pleasant evening in their company, and got some literature recommendations from Bernard. Micheal and Ursula are pleasant enough to be around, except for their insistence on generalizing averything remotely American. "That is Sooo American". Yeah, I know. I'm American. It is a weird fascination that may expain why the German boats mostly stick to themselves.

I am determined to ignore it.

Bernard is an ex-hippie. No. Bernard is still a hippie minus the hair. He has no fixed address right now, but has a Volkswagen van back in Marseille that he will return to after Christmas. He seems to be very well read, and very passionate about literature and philosophy.

The band was French, and did French renditions of songs like "Sunny side of the Street", "My way" and other Sinatra/swank/Vegas type songs.

Inexplicable but quaint, kind of like the Jerry Lewis thing.