Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This morning we got a late start because we were discussing the distribution
of wealth.

It is hard not to get onto that topic when you are surrounded by
superyachts. We sailed into St Barth's and noticed one superyacht that had a
helipad (No chopper; it may have been out somewhere), a 50 sailboat, and ~ a
45 foot power boat all on deck. It occurred to us that each of the
superyachts has a Queen Bee, and an associated hive of drones working to
maintain them. Not just the crew, but all of the employess of the companies
these people must own. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it
was an interesting analogy. Of course others are probably owned by the
operators of vast ponzi schemes, and there is something wrong with that.

We ran into YoYo yesterday, he is looking forward to a little cruise on his
boat Cheriveri starting tomorrow. The busy season in St Barth's is starting
to wind down just a little bit.

Not too much else happening. We planned to head south tomorrow, but he winds
are from the southeast at 18 kts, so we may wait a day to head to St Kitts.

The head acted up, making it necessary to discover the True Value hardware
store on the island to purchase a plunger. The anchorages have been pretty
rolly the last few days, making for difficult sleep. I miss having Dana
here. But it is 81 degrees and sunny with 70% humidity, the snorkeling is
good (saw a barracuda feeding today, and a sea turtle yesterday) and most
all is well.