Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kiting challenge

One thing that has become abundantly clear is that kiting is best on the
windward side of the islands, and sleeping is best accomplished on the
leeward side.

There are locations that allow both, but they are more rare.

We had a nice dinner with Laurie and Dawn from Cat Tails last night. They
have been working their way south slowly. We made arrangements to try to
contact each other each day on the SSB and connected just in time to
rendezvous here. They went through a significant effort to make it here, and
we are grateful that they travelled the extra mile to join us in this
tranquil location.

Yesterday we walked around the southern end of St Kitts a viewed some
spectacularly desolate and beautiful landscape. It was made bittersweet by
the knowledge that it is being developed by the Kiawah group into what they
call Cristophe, which will be a mega yacht harbor with exclusive homes for
about 1400 very rich people. That may be a good thing, but it did not seem
that way to us as we walked the area that will become a golf course. But for
now, it is spectacular.

We sat on a hillside high above the southern end, and watched the ferry
arrive and discharge it's load of cars. We stayed long enough to notice the
people walking the beach below, who you would miss had you just looked over
the scene for a few minutes. On the walk back we saw many feral goats, but
none of the green monkeys that live here. We saw the monkeys along the shore
the next morning, traveling in a group of about 7-8, foraging and squabbling
among themselves.

We will be heading for Nevis soon, maybe today. There is a location that
promises to allow for good sleeping, kiting and hiking/biking.