Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back Home

Boy, the trip back home is a lot easier when you take a jet.

We spent our last day touring on foot and by bus around Bequia. If you ever get there, be sure to investigate Industry beach. It is a beatiful spot, as pretty as any I have found in the Caribbean so far, with lots of nice looking villas on the hillside, some of them for rent. We stopped at a restaurant "Dawns Creole Beach Bar" for refreshements and thought it was as nice as any to date.

On the the sea turtle sanctuary for a tour, then a long walk back to the boat for our last night and a meal of Barracuda. Sweet.

We left Bequia at 6:30 AM and took a ferry back to St Vincent. The old vessel was pretty much what you would expect, rough but serviceable with threadbare upholstery, minimal lifesaving equipment in view, and a smoking old deisel, but she got us there just the same. We were in teh company of many locals, mostly middle school students in their clean pressed uniforms on their way to mainland St Vincent for a better education.

From there, a LIAT flight over to San Jaun, and the rest is pretty much mainland experience. It was interesting watching the progression from rustic to polished as we headed back to the US. It was snowing in Philly when we passed through, and there is a light snow falling here as I write.
Thanks for following along. I may blog again later in the spring if I help Alan get Unabated back up north.